Voting Rights


Office of the Attorney General, Election Advisory[11] (Oct. 15, 2020).

In furtherance of the right of the people of Maine to vote freely and safely, the Office of the Attorney General issued an advisory concerning poll monitoring and voter intimidation.


Office of the Attorney General, Voting FAQ for 2020.[12]

The page includes guidance[13] from the Attorney General reminding Maryland voters of their protections against voter intimidation and clarifying the role of poll watchers in Maryland, and information on voting locations and early voting dates.


Office of Attorney General Maura Healey, Protecting Your Right to Vote.[14]

The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office created this website that provides information about voter rights, how, where, and when to vote, and how to contact the Civil Rights Division.


Department of Attorney General, Election Security and Integrity[15]

The Michigan Department of Attorney General created this website that provides information about the roles of the Attorney General and the Secretary of State, as well as information about how to register to vote, how to vote, what to do if voters experience voter intimidation, and Michigan’s election security measures.


Office of the Attorney General, Right to Vote Restored[16] (Oct. 11, 2019).

Information for formerly incarcerated persons regarding the restoration of their voting rights.

New Hampshire

Secretary of State’s and Attorney General’s Joint Guidance on 2020 Election Operations[17] (Aug. 19, 2020).

Guidance regarding what election officials in New Hampshire can and cannot do to facilitate voting during the ongoing public health emergency, presented in Q&A format.

Attorney General Gordan J. MacDonald, Memorandum to New Hampshire Election Officials RE: Election Operations during the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis[18] (Aug. 20, 2020).

Additional, more detailed guidance on some of the concepts raised in the Joint Guidance issued by the Attorney General and the Secretary of State.

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