Voting Rights

The ACS State Attorneys General Project develops, collects, and disseminates legal resources highlighting and examining the authority and actions of state attorneys general in key policy areas. This page collects resources related to voting rights.


Department of Justice, Press Release, Secretary Padilla and Attorney General Becerra Urge California Voters: Know Your Rights[1] (Nov. 1, 2018).

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Attorney General Xavier Becerra urged voters to review the California Voter Bill of Rights[2], which were provided in video format in English[3] & Spanish[4].


Department of Law, Public Advisory on Voter Intimidation Crimes and Poll Center Security[5], (Oct. 19, 2020).

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser issued a public advisory[6] reassuring Coloradans that the state will protect their right to vote safely. The advisory provides guidance on the crime of voter intimidation, its penalties, and how to report violations.


Department of Justice, Press Release, Ahead of Election Day, Attorney General Jennings Reminds Voters of Rights and Responsibilities[7] (October 27, 2020).

The state Department of Justice has set up a hotline and sent guidance to law enforcement agencies about possible illegal activity surrounding the election – particularly voter intimidation.

District of Columbia

The Office of the Attorney General, D.C. Voter Checklist[8]

The page includes important election information about voting and the importance of   youth voices in the 2020 election and beyond.


The Office of the Attorney General, Guidance for Illinois Voters: 2020 Election[9] (Oct. 16, 2020).

This document provides general guidance to Illinois voters regarding changes to Illinois election law that protect voters during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General, Press Release, Miller opposes Postal Service changes, Encourages Iowans to Vote by Mail[10] (Aug. 18, 2020).

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