Top Advocacy Organizations Partner to Represent Whistleblowers and Protect the Election


October 13, 2020

Top Advocacy Organizations Partner to Represent Whistleblowers and

Protect the Election

Democracy Protection Initiative helps whistleblowers disclose the truth to protect the election

WASHINGTON – Today, Government Accountability Project is joined by American Constitution Society, American Oversight, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, Georgetown Law’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection, Protect Democracy, Public Citizen, We The Action, and 18 other nonpartisan advocacy organizations to announce their partnership in the Democracy Protection Initiative[1]: a coordinated effort to encourage and represent whistleblowers who come forward with information related to interference in the upcoming election.

The Democracy Protection Initiative is designed to support and protect employees who choose to blow the whistle on illegality and abuses of power aimed at both undermining the election and sabotaging the peaceful transition of power if the electorate were to vote for change. Through targeted “Know Your Rights” messaging and pro-bono representation, the Democracy Protection Initiative will enable employees across federal government agencies and state and local election workers–those in the best positions to witness threats to free and fair elections–to blow the whistle on misconduct that threatens the cornerstone of our fragile democracy. With potential abuses ranging from suppressing intelligence related to foreign interference in elections, politicization of the Department of Justice, deploying federal law enforcement agents to intimidate voters, interference in mail delivery by the US Postal Service, and the spread of disinformation about voter fraud, the threats to election integrity are serious and consequential.

Government Accountability Project will provide potential whistleblowers with legal advice and pro bono representation to protect employees who exercise their rights to report misconduct and abuses of public trust. With the support of partners, the Democracy Protection Initiative will ensure the information disclosed by whistleblowers makes a difference in strengthening the integrity of the upcoming elections through Congressional and media advocacy, disclosures to oversight agencies, FOIA requests, investigations, and public awareness. The Democracy Protection Initiative is anchored by a commitment among partner organizations to work together to support whistleblowers whose information could stop or mitigate threats to this consequential election, the foundation of our democracy.

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