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Press Release WVCCE August 2, 2019
Stand Up for Voting Rights – Media Advisory[3]
On Voting Rights Act Anniversary, State and Community Leaders Call on Congress to Restore the Law. 12:15 p.m. on Tuesday, August 6, 2019, Outside the Robert C. Byrd Federal Courthouse, 300 Virginia St E., Charleston, WV 25301. This press conference and rally marks the anniversary of the Voting Rights Act (VRA). We’ll call on Congress to restore the protections in the VRA and ensure that every eligible voter can make their voice heard free from discrimination.  More[4]
Issues: DemocracyFair CourtsVoting Rights[5][6][7][1][2]
Press Release WVCCE March 7, 2019
WV Legislature poised to bring MORE money, LESS transparency into our politics[10]
Despite the way practically every West Virginia voter — Republican or Democrat — feels about the state of our politics and money’s role in it, West Virginia politicians are charging ahead with SB 622 — the bill no one asked for. No one except wealthy special interests, of course. SB 622 will give more power over our government to the richest few, lobbyists, and wealthy special interests. West Virginia should be a model of government by the people, not for the wealthiest few. The Legislature should shoot down SB 622 and give the people of West Virginia a real voice in our government through the Pro-Democracy, Anti-Corruption Platform. More[11]
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Press Release WVCCE October 22, 2018
Film Screening & Discussion to Highlight Need for Reform[19]
Dark money groups spend millions to shape our elections at all levels of government without revealing where their money comes from. But it doesn’t have to be this way. ‘Dark Money’ ( takes viewers to Montana to follow an intrepid local journalist working to expose the real-life impacts of the US Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. The film also shows how attorneys, elected officials, and local activists in Montana fought back and won. Come see the film and be inspired to help us fight big money in West Virginia elections More[20]
Issues: Citizens UnitedClean ElectionsDark MoneyDemocracyDisclosure[21][22][23][24][25][17][18]
Press Release Julie Archer September 17, 2018
WV Citizens for Clean Elections to Launch Pro-Democracy, Anti-Corruption Platform[28]
We’re launching a campaign to build support for common sense solutions that they say can put state government on a path to solving problems that affect all West Virginians. The Pro-Democracy, Anti-Corruption Platform would increase accountability and transparency in West Virginia elections, make voting more accessible to all  citizens, limit the influence of big money in our politics, ensure fairness and impartiality in our courts, and increase citizen participation in the electoral process. Our growing campaign already has thirty-seven legislative candidates from across the aisle supporting reform agenda to make W.Va. politics clean, fair and accountable. The list includes Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, as well as Libertarian and Mountain party candidates. More[29]
Issues: Clean ElectionsDemocracyVoting Rights[30][31][32][26][27]
Press Release WVCCE September 10, 2018
Petition demands fair, transparent judicial elections[35]
With impeachment trials for current and former members of the WV Supreme Court of Appeals set begin in the State Senate tomorrow, WV Citizens for Clean Elections is worried that the legislative response to the recent spending scandal could enable a single party, through a pre-planned partisan impeachment process, to seize control of the third branch of Government for the next two years. We are urging West Virginians to sign the Our Court, Our Vote petition, which is addressed to Governor Jim Justice and members of the WV Legislature, and which demands a prompt and transparent special election for any open seats on the Supreme Court. More[36]
Issues: Clean ElectionsDisclosureFair CourtsTransparencyWV Supreme Court[37][38][39][40][41][33][34]
Press Release WVCCE June 13, 2018
Supreme Court scandal highlights need to improve trust in the judiciary[44]
The recent Supreme Court spending scandal and charges against Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry are an opportunity to implement reforms to improve confidence in both the judicial system and the electoral process. West Virginians are rightly furious over Justice Loughry’s behavior, but we know they are also worried about another threat to public trust in the judiciary — the secret special-interest money in judicial elections. In both cases, transparency has to be a part of the solution. The court must bring transparency to the judicial budgeting process and legislators must seize this opportunity to bring disclosure to the secret money being used to influence our votes. More[45]
Issues: DisclosureFair CourtsSecret MoneyTransparencyWV Supreme Court[46][47][48][49][50][42][43]
Press Release WVCCE June 6, 2018
Workshop on Role of the Courts in Protecting Democracy, Fundamental Rights – June 18 in Charleston[53]
WV Citizens for Clean Elections and the WV Association for Justice are hosting a free workshop on the role of the courts in protecting our democracy and our fundamental rights. Through a series of interactive discussions and presentations, participants will leave with knowledge about who sits on the bench in West Virginia, how judges are selected/elected, threats to judicial independence, and actions to strengthen and protect the impartiality of our courts. The free workshop will be held Monday, June 18 in Charleston at the Four Points Sheraton and includes an appetizer buffet reception. Attendees are asked to please register in advance. More[54]
Issues: DemocracyFair CourtsWV Supreme Court[55][56][57][51][52]
Press Release Julie Archer October 28, 2016
Outside groups spend more than $15 million on W.Va. elections[60]
After spending $5.6 million during the last presidential election year, outside groups have reported spending more than $15 million on West Virginia elections so far in 2016 — closely rivaling the $16.3 million in reported spending by candidates for executive, legislative, and judicial offices. This year’s outside spending by race breaks down as follows: Attorney General – $5.3, Governor – $3.7, Supreme Court – $3.6 million. Third party organizations have also spent $2.4 million in various state Senate races. More[61]
Issues: Citizens UnitedDark MoneyDemocracyDisclosureSecret Money[62][63][64][65][66][58][59]


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